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Near the corner of Indian Grove & Indian Valley Crescent, a Toronto Home suffered fire damage at 7:00 am, May 24, 2014.  The cause was a hidden junction box in a lower level bathroom. Previous home owners had an unethical electrician do the work in 1991, years before the current family resided there.

Thankfully,  smoke detectors alerted the occupants and everyone was out in seconds.

This is a blog that captures the progress of the Insurance Claim, the rebuild of the interior and the author’s opinions about the process.

Also addressed is the history of the home, the feng shui of the land, geomancy (ley lines and the like). The need to build eco consciously and the design of the new interior.


Interior totally gutted


New Custom Fireplace, windows and Hardwood


Custom Doors


Beautiful Spa Bathrooms

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kkkoski is a Canadian researcher/writer specializing in mind body soul genres and a recognized Canadian environmentalist who has been identified as an Earth Hour Team Captain, by WWF Canada.

Karyn produced and co hosted an international TV series that profiled Feng Shui and other energy philosophies and continues to explore metaphysics and “age old” philosophies.  www.energyworksmagazine.com

Please consider networking.  Author is open to blog sponsorship, product reviewing and other affiliated trade promotions.

2 thoughts on “About…. Fire| Insurance | Rebuild

  1. This Response is about Your Renovation and Rebuild using Feng Shui Graphs and Studies in your Rebuild. Sounds Very Exciting! I Would Just Like to Throw In a Thought on Be Sure To Examine the Contents and Belongings to be sure that any Stagnation, items which belong to the past ( especially those that bring up Sad, Angry or Depressive Memories ) be given a different home, or donated. One May do All of the Renovations that are Needed to Reclaim Restoration, but Also the Personal Habits and the Emanations of All Items and Belongings Also Need to be Updated and Clear of Old Energies to Complete the Transformation! Great Project- Love Your Enthusiasm ❤ May Many Sweet Blessings Flow In This Endeavor!
    Carmen Wright/ Laureate Poet
    LinkedIn Facebook Twitter and AboutMe 😉


  2. Thank You so much Carmen. What a wonderful complete rebirth analogy. It’s just stuff, holding old energies. What was meant to stay with us – did.


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